Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Easy Colorful Paper Straw Garland

Once upon a time I was a white light person for Christmas.  However, when we moved into our new house a couple bins of white Christmas lights and silver ornaments mysteriously went missing.  I think they may have gotten tossed in our quick move with a new baby and curious toddler and some PODS moving units.

Last Christmas was the first in our new house and we discovered the missing bins when we went to deck the halls.  But, I took it as an excuse to go shopping for some new decorations!  I decided it was time for a change and picked out colorful lights and ornaments with as much color as possible.  My tree looks so happy and festive now.

My mom came across the idea for these garlands in Better Homes and Gardens.  We decided to make them even more colorful with bright wooden beads and several colors of paper straws.

The following items are needed:

  • Paper straws cut into thirds
  • Beads (I used varying sizes of wooden beads)
  • Yarn, Twine or String
  • Plastic needle

Once all your items are gathered together its as simple as tying a knot in the yarn around the first wooden bead stringing alternating straws and beads until you reach the length you would like.  

When you are happy with the length tie a knot around the final bead and you are ready to hang them.  They can be used on the tree, along the mantle on your fireplace, across a doorway or anywhere you need a pop of color.

If your decorations aren't quite as colorful there are TONS of paper straw colors available and TONS of beads.  I've seen gray and white straws with red beads or black and white straws with turquoise blue that was really beautiful.  Its a great craft for little kids too ... even my daughter enjoyed helping!

Here is the final product ... this particular garland is actually hanging on my parents tree.

Only 2 weeks left until Christmas!  We are getting really excited here on Fourth Street, I hope your family is enjoying the days leading up to the holidays, they are so magical for little ones!!!