Saturday, November 23, 2013

House Tour Part 1: Kitchen

Welcome to Part 1 of my house tour.  I figured I would start in the kitchen which is the most "finished" room to date and my favorite room in the house.  (Is any space ever really finished???)  It is sunny and spacious and the the deciding factor for choosing our floorplan from the builder.

Since we moved in a little over a year ago the kitchen has had three paint colors.  Its good thing I actually like painting.  What can I say, I have a little bit of indecisiveness ... its allowed as a woman ;-).  My husband and I make a good team ... I like to cut in and he likes to roll.

The first color was primer white from the builder which showed EVERY SINGLE FINGERPRINT.  With two little kids who love spaghetti and other messy foods this was not a good thing.  Primer white was quickly followed by a celery green.  The color looked perfect on the swatch, but I HATED it as soon as it went up.  I wanted to repaint immediately, but I talked myself into living with it for a bit.  Lesson learned ... buy a little test pot and try it on the wall BEFORE painting an entire room :-).

Here is one of the few pictures I have of the UGLY celery green walls.  Don't mind all the mess!  The color isn't horrible, it just didn't look right.
I tried really hard to like the celery green, but after about 6 months I had enough.  I finally decided to go with Rainwashed by Sherwin Williams. The color is a gorgeous aqua blue.  Once again I spent a couple evenings repainting (which I really don't mind, its actually relaxing!).  It was totally worth it and I LOVE the color.

In addition to painting and painting again we changed out the ugly builder brass light fixture over the kitchen table to match the pendant lights, added a "command center" with a desk and shelf , added some decorations, and put up some faux wood blinds on the windows.

My favorite project with the biggest impact is the giant chalkboard.  It was built with a giant sheet of hardboard, magnetic paint, chalkboard paint and some trim cut into a frame.  The kids can doodle and I can keep track of groceries and meal plans and general day to day things.

My to-do list includes:

  • Add backsplash ... I'm thinking something like this.  I love the herringbone pattern and the gray stone.
  • Make curtains for the windows.  They need a pop of color.
  • Paint chalkboard frame yellow.
  • Add some art to those plain walls!
  • Find a rug for under the kitchen table.
  • Make slipcovers for chairs/barstools.
  • Figure out what to do with the enormous island.  Its huge and likes to collect clutter.
There will probably definitely be lots more added to the to-do list over time ... but there are many many other projects to keep me busy in the meantime.  The space is great for entertaining and baking and playing play dough, crafting and hanging out with my family.  Thanks for visiting!